About Yasmin

TV Presenting

Yasmin is a scientist who loves telling stories. Yasmin’s strength is her ability to engage and inspire viewers without being patronising. She has a warm and engaging presenting style, with an ability to change delivery style to suit the audience, product and demographic. Trained as a geologist and carbon manager, Yasmin has worked in both the UK and Australia. She has been on the ABC, TVSN, Channel Ten, Realestate.com and a range of corporate media packages.

Yasmin Bushby


Yasmin is a high level energy and climate change scientist who combines her passion for science and technology with a talent for engaging audiences. She specialises in making complex topics accessible but is right at home hosting corporate events or fronting media projects. She is a published author and has a Bachelor of Science from Melbourne University (2002) and a Masters in Carbon Management from Edinburgh University (2010).

Yasmin Bushby