About Yasmin

TV Presenting

Yasmin is a freelance TV Presenter, producer and writer who is passionate about demystifying complex topics and helping viewers see the beauty of our natural world. She has been on the ABC, TVSN, Channel Ten, Realestate.com and a range of corporate media packages as a factual and lifestyle presenter. Originally a geologist and carbon manager, Yasmin has a career of working in the UK and Australia in both academia and government in the sustainability sector. She decided to move across to television after noticing a lack of women on Australian TV who had an ethnic background or any formal scientific training.

Her strength is her ability to engage and inspire viewers without being patronising. She has a warm and engaging presenting style, with an ability to change delivery style to suit the audience, product and demographic.


Yasmin trained as a geologist and carbon manager. She is a well published scientist who is a passionate advocate of public engagement around the environment, climate change and sustainability.

She studied for her Bachelor of Science/Geology degree, graduating with Honours at the University of Melbourne. Many years later, she then studied for her Masters in Carbon Management in Edinburgh, Scotland, also graduating with Honours. Her focus was on biochar and carbon storage. She has worked internationally in Science Education/Communication for over 8 years and has now moved into Science TV Presenting.

She loves explaining topics in a way that everyone understands. She has worked internationally within the energy industry, is a published author and has had her analysis featured in international journals ‘Science’ and ‘Nature’. She has worked as an editor of an international wind power publication, and has worked in Victorian State Government and local Victorian Councils. She decided to make the jump over to TV in 2011 and is loving every minute.